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A New Season begins

Okay.  I know, I know.  Every year I say that I am going to have a good blog and really keep it up to date.  Then…….I get busy and I forget.  BUT not this year.   I am going to completed this blog all season long this year.  That is my goal and I will be starting tomorrow with Game #1.  So far let me say that I am hoping this is going to be a good year for the Twins.  I think we have some exciting new players that will make it an awesome year.  The only player I am worried about is Gomez.  He seems like a little bit of a hot dog so far but it will be interesting what he does in the first few games of the season.  Welcome back to Hunter also, even though we are going to shut you down.  Catch you all later. 


What a run!!

The Twins complete the 3 game sweep of the Chicago White Sox.  Awesome.   Merely a few weeks ago the Twins broadcast announcers were going through the stats on what the Twins had to do to get back in the run for the wild card and division race.  Twins fans thought it would take a miracle, and it has happened.  With the Twins tied for the wild card run now with their sweep of Chicago, we have Detroit coming into the Twin Cities this weekend.  Should be a great series to watch.   

In my opinion the White Sox are overrated and are just a bunch of overinflated egos, but Detroit is for real.  These guys are the unbelievable story of this season.  I don’t know what Jim Leyland did to these guys when he took over this year but it has worked perfectly.  Detroit plays every game hard and to win, no exceptions.   Should be fun to watch.

It is also nice to see Rondell White starting to come around.  Everyone in the Twin Cities has been pulling for this guy and it is great to see him getting some hits.  Rondell is a class act and I hope he continues to improve. 

So a welcome to Minneapolis for the Detroit Tigers…..Now prepare to be swept…

Cleveland Series / Injury bug hits again


As far as the wins went, the Twins had a great home series against the Cleveland Indians.   As far as injuries go, it was terrible.  The list is getting larger: Hunter, Stewart and Ford all added to the DL.  At least the replacements have been doing an awesome job at filling in.  Jason Tyner has made a huge impact with his line drive base hits since being called up.  This guy is not going to hit home runs but sure can get the base hits when we need them.   Punto is looking ok in center field, even though one almost went over his head today.  Hang in there Nick.

Today the Twins wrapped up the series with a nice win.  It was good to see Silva have a good outing.  We need him in there for the rest of the season.  It was also great to see Rondell White finally get a home run for the Twins.  He is a classy guy and I know that Twins fan were all pulling for him to do well.   I am glad this series is over though.  Not because of the Indians, but because of the umpire crew.  Umpire Tim Timmons has got the be the worst umpire I have ever seen.  In the first game of the series, I have no idea where his strike zone was.  Neither did he apparently.  Then in the second game he makes a terrible call at 3rd base and calls Nick Punto out when he was CLEARLY safe.  If all that isn’t enough, he then has the nerve to throw Punto out of the game along with Ron Gardenhire.  Sometimes I wonder…

So the Twins are looking good for a patched up team right now.  I think we are only 6 back from Chicago as it stands right now.  It is nice to see some of the younger talent coming up and getting a glimpse of what the future Twins may look like.  Tampa Bay next………

All-Star Game

Well I decided to kinda lie low until after the All-Star game was over.  I think that it has been ruined even more in the past few years but I didn’t want to write a BIG negative blog about it.  I do, however, want to get some things off my chest about it so I will write them here, in hopes that it will help….some…..

First of all, the balloting is ridiculous.  Everyone knows that the larger markets get the votes.  It has nothing to do with talent or who deserves it.  Heck, the top vote getter didn’t even show.   It should be more weighted on who the Managers and Sports writers think.   

Second, this new deal where "This one counts" has ruined the All-Star game.  It used to be a fun night and a fun game for everyone to watch.  Now you got over-rated managers, like Guillen, out there saying it is like game 7 of the World Series.   Maybe in Guillen’s mind he knew he had to pretend that because he will never get to a World Series again.  I dunno. 

There, I feel better already.   

Now for a few positives. Pittsburgh did a great job at hosting the game and the Roberto Clemente  tribute was really cool.  The AL won again, as usual, which was also cool.   The game all in all was a good game, just not a fun game like I think the All-Star game should be.  Maybe it is just be?

Welcome to another hometown boy


Just a quick welcome to Pat Neshek.  I had never seen this guy pitch until last night against the Rangers in his MLB debut, and I must say he is fun to watch.  A very strange side arm delivery but he got the job done for us last night.  The thing I liked most about him was his energy.   Man, it looked like he could have pitched all night.  What makes it cool is that Pat used to come to Twins games with his family when he lived in Minnesota.  In fact they had season tickets.  He always dreamed of playing for the Twins and got his chance last night.  Awesome job.   Good luck on many more good outings with the Twins Pat.

Congrats to Johan and Joe

Congratulations to Johan Santana and Joe Mauer on their All Star selection.   Both these guys deserve it.  Some things work out okay in the All Star selection process I guess, but I still have some major issues with the whole thing.  That is for a later post though.  I don’t want every blog to be negative.   As far as Francisco Liriano, this guy has been awesome in his rookie season so far.  He has a 1.99 ERA, 9-1 record and 94 strike outs.  Show me a better rookie pitcher than that.  I do think that he is a year off from the All Star game, even though he came very close to making it this year.   Have no fear, this young man will see plenty of All Star games in the years to come.

Now with that said, A.J. Pierzynski making the All Star game, not right.   A local Twin Cities paper here had an article asking if the A.J. trade from the Twins to San Francisco, which included Liriano, was a good one since we traded an All Star catcher for a pitcher that didn’t make the All Star game.  HELLO??  Yes it was a good trade.   A.J. did not make the game because of his talent, he made it because Chicago has a larger population which equals more votes etc etc.   Oh yeah, I am saving that for another blog. 

Who should have had the final spot in the All Star game is Travis Hafner from Cleveland.  He is, without a doubt, an All Star.   This guy is hitting .318 with 25 home runs and 74 RBI compared to A.J.’s .324 with 6 home runs and 29 RBI.   On top of that, his team actually likes him.  Travis you should be there.   

A late start…..

Yeah, I got a little bit of a late start this year.   I had some things to take care of but now am ready to blog away.  People may be thinking "oh yeah now you blog when the Twins are playing well", oh well.  But since you mention it, the Twins are playing awesome as of late. 

The beginning of the season was TERRIBLE.  I could not believe the terrible play and the poor management decisions etc etc.  I can go on forever but I won’t because it’s not worth wasting my time on.   It does really **** that we have not gained any ground on the division leaders though.   The White Sox are just on fire this year even with a loud mouth manager who is lacking in the brain department.   Detroit, on fire too, but a real Manager.

As I am writing this Justin Morneau just hit his 21st homerun and it was a ROCKET line drive to right field.  Now Carlos Lee just dropped a ball.  Clutz.   The M & M boys are just unbelievable lately.  Wow.  More to come……………