What a run!!

The Twins complete the 3 game sweep of the Chicago White Sox.  Awesome.   Merely a few weeks ago the Twins broadcast announcers were going through the stats on what the Twins had to do to get back in the run for the wild card and division race.  Twins fans thought it would take a miracle, and it has happened.  With the Twins tied for the wild card run now with their sweep of Chicago, we have Detroit coming into the Twin Cities this weekend.  Should be a great series to watch.   

In my opinion the White Sox are overrated and are just a bunch of overinflated egos, but Detroit is for real.  These guys are the unbelievable story of this season.  I don’t know what Jim Leyland did to these guys when he took over this year but it has worked perfectly.  Detroit plays every game hard and to win, no exceptions.   Should be fun to watch.

It is also nice to see Rondell White starting to come around.  Everyone in the Twin Cities has been pulling for this guy and it is great to see him getting some hits.  Rondell is a class act and I hope he continues to improve. 

So a welcome to Minneapolis for the Detroit Tigers…..Now prepare to be swept…


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