Cleveland Series / Injury bug hits again


As far as the wins went, the Twins had a great home series against the Cleveland Indians.   As far as injuries go, it was terrible.  The list is getting larger: Hunter, Stewart and Ford all added to the DL.  At least the replacements have been doing an awesome job at filling in.  Jason Tyner has made a huge impact with his line drive base hits since being called up.  This guy is not going to hit home runs but sure can get the base hits when we need them.   Punto is looking ok in center field, even though one almost went over his head today.  Hang in there Nick.

Today the Twins wrapped up the series with a nice win.  It was good to see Silva have a good outing.  We need him in there for the rest of the season.  It was also great to see Rondell White finally get a home run for the Twins.  He is a classy guy and I know that Twins fan were all pulling for him to do well.   I am glad this series is over though.  Not because of the Indians, but because of the umpire crew.  Umpire Tim Timmons has got the be the worst umpire I have ever seen.  In the first game of the series, I have no idea where his strike zone was.  Neither did he apparently.  Then in the second game he makes a terrible call at 3rd base and calls Nick Punto out when he was CLEARLY safe.  If all that isn’t enough, he then has the nerve to throw Punto out of the game along with Ron Gardenhire.  Sometimes I wonder…

So the Twins are looking good for a patched up team right now.  I think we are only 6 back from Chicago as it stands right now.  It is nice to see some of the younger talent coming up and getting a glimpse of what the future Twins may look like.  Tampa Bay next………


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