All-Star Game

Well I decided to kinda lie low until after the All-Star game was over.  I think that it has been ruined even more in the past few years but I didn’t want to write a BIG negative blog about it.  I do, however, want to get some things off my chest about it so I will write them here, in hopes that it will help….some…..

First of all, the balloting is ridiculous.  Everyone knows that the larger markets get the votes.  It has nothing to do with talent or who deserves it.  Heck, the top vote getter didn’t even show.   It should be more weighted on who the Managers and Sports writers think.   

Second, this new deal where "This one counts" has ruined the All-Star game.  It used to be a fun night and a fun game for everyone to watch.  Now you got over-rated managers, like Guillen, out there saying it is like game 7 of the World Series.   Maybe in Guillen’s mind he knew he had to pretend that because he will never get to a World Series again.  I dunno. 

There, I feel better already.   

Now for a few positives. Pittsburgh did a great job at hosting the game and the Roberto Clemente  tribute was really cool.  The AL won again, as usual, which was also cool.   The game all in all was a good game, just not a fun game like I think the All-Star game should be.  Maybe it is just be?


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    i agree with you. have you read Bill Simmons ‘the sports guy’ from ESPN the aug 14 edition? he had some awesome ideas there too.

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