Congrats to Johan and Joe

Congratulations to Johan Santana and Joe Mauer on their All Star selection.   Both these guys deserve it.  Some things work out okay in the All Star selection process I guess, but I still have some major issues with the whole thing.  That is for a later post though.  I don’t want every blog to be negative.   As far as Francisco Liriano, this guy has been awesome in his rookie season so far.  He has a 1.99 ERA, 9-1 record and 94 strike outs.  Show me a better rookie pitcher than that.  I do think that he is a year off from the All Star game, even though he came very close to making it this year.   Have no fear, this young man will see plenty of All Star games in the years to come.

Now with that said, A.J. Pierzynski making the All Star game, not right.   A local Twin Cities paper here had an article asking if the A.J. trade from the Twins to San Francisco, which included Liriano, was a good one since we traded an All Star catcher for a pitcher that didn’t make the All Star game.  HELLO??  Yes it was a good trade.   A.J. did not make the game because of his talent, he made it because Chicago has a larger population which equals more votes etc etc.   Oh yeah, I am saving that for another blog. 

Who should have had the final spot in the All Star game is Travis Hafner from Cleveland.  He is, without a doubt, an All Star.   This guy is hitting .318 with 25 home runs and 74 RBI compared to A.J.’s .324 with 6 home runs and 29 RBI.   On top of that, his team actually likes him.  Travis you should be there.   


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    Ok first of all i am not just saying this because i live in Minnesota but i love the twins and ok i know this whole blog isnt about Joe Mauer but he did deserve the selection. I love Jow Mauer he is my idol even though i am a girl but what eves. GOOD JOB JOE!

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